The principle difference between ‘normal’ people and enlightened souls is that the former know what they want, know what they have to do and are constantly ‘trying’ to become happy.
Enlightened souls simply follow their intuition, want nothing, do nothing except what that moment demands of them and are in a constant space of bliss.
Sat Nam

The difference between religion and spirituality.
In spirituality there is no right or wrong.
Everything that you do or wish to do is part of your journey. For the enlightened, every desire, action and the consequence thereof is a part of his journey to learn, experience and grow.
Religion puts your soul in chains while spirituality sets you free.
Sat Nam

Pain is a constant in life. It is our reaction to pain is what defines us and shapes the course of our lives.
Sat Nam

Maya keeps us trapped in her enchanted gaze our entire lives. With closed eyes, within the silence of our soul we see clearly, that we already have more than we desire, that we are better than what we wish to be,and that our lives have a higher purpose than we thought.
Sat Nam

Manifest your destination and allow the universe to get you there.
Your intuition and goodness delivers to you the abundance and happiness that you desire.
Don't live in this cosmos; dance with it.
Sat Nam

Pain is a constant
No soul can live a life without experiencing pain, physical and emotional
It is your reaction to that pain that defines you, your life and your future.
The wise grow spiritually, the intelligent learn and the lost souls allow themselves to drown in their suffering.
Sat Nam

Bliss in love and intimacy arrives not in just loving each other
it is experienced only when there is total and absolute surrender to that relationship
Sat Nam

Spirituality is rebellion
Spirituality is individuality
While religion keeps you bleating like a sheep
Spirituality makes you roar like a Lion
Sat Nam

"In the very act of seeking the sought is denied, because the sought is the seeker. How? Well, what one seeks basically happens to be the self."
Swami Dayananda Saraswati

A teachers job is never a pretty one. Nobody really wants to hear the truth. Neither about the true essence of life nor about themselves. And yet, an authentic teacher does what he has to, says what he has to. Teaching is not a popularity contest. The endeavour is to help save souls. And if you didn't like the class..

Being spiritual does not mean being positive and in bliss all the time.
Being spiritual is to be authentic.
Spirituality is about finding your true nature, recognising your flaws and shortcomings, knowing what needs
working on and then working towards that goal of self purification.
And if in between all of that you feel like saying fuck it.
Then just say fuck it.

I live inside a dance
Everything is exactly as how it should be

It's good to have a fighting spirit but sometimes you need to just sit back & watch the problem. Don't need to fight every battle to win it.

Stop telling me what is wrong with this world
Tell me what YOU are doing about it

I’m a simple, ordinary man
I dare to dream to change this world

waste not your life looking for a perfect spouse
seek one who accepts you with your own imperfections

Know more so that you may fear less

The beauty of life is not in searching for that beauty but in being beautiful yourself

You can spend your entire life chasing happiness or you could live your whole life - Happily

The Complicit Observer
There are three layers of attachment in this world
The worst and the most common layers are our emotions of greed, anger, lust, grief and jealousy.
The second layer of attachment is our love for the material. Our luxuries, owned or coveted.
The third and the lightest layer of attachment is the love and affection that we have for those we cherish our parents, our spouses, lovers, friends and children.
These attachments keep us attached to the problems, pain and suffering of being human. The worse the layer of attachment you’re trapped in, the worse your suffering.
When you cut yourself off all of these attachments you become ethereal, divine, sublime & aligned to the cosmic vibrations of the universe.
You cut your soul free from the pain and suffering of life itself. You set yourself free to travel the universe, the heavens and other realms unknown to mankind.
The most difficult attachment to let go of is the love of a child. As also the love of a spouse.
To let go is not to stop loving. To let go is not to shun, ignore or to forsake.
Letting go is just simply becoming the observer.
Loving and watching the love,
Caring and watching the caring.
Feeling and feeling the feeling.
Touching and being aware of the touch.
All actions have the same depth, the same love and the same emotion, but all are watched, observed and felt as the observer.
This is the only way.

This universe of ours, our earth and everything in it has the same pulse, the same beat and the same vibration.
When we are born, we are in sync with this divine energy.
The further you move away from this pulse the more disoriented, unhappy & disconnected you feel.
Which is why spirituality is like coming back home. It is your re-alignment with your own divinity.
The re-setting of your energy with the energy of the cosmos.
Meditation - is the one important key to re-connect with this pulse.
Nature - is the second key.
Love & Compassion - is the third.
Use these keys freely & at will for abundance in your life. Abundant love, abundant joy, abundant happiness.
Bliss follows.

We all go through pain in our lives
It is our reaction to our pain that defines us
Gives our soul it’s unique character

We could fight crisis & bemoan suffering
We could curse our plight & ache in the sorrow.
We can take the punch chin-up,
Challenge the situation and charge ahead

Knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel
Seeing it
Believing it
Manifesting it
Making it happen

Who we are is what we become in times of suffering
In the shadow of that suffering we find our true identity
In the cry of that pain we realise our own divinity

For those who choose not to rise above
For those who choose to remain lost in the tunnel

There can be no hope
No salvation

Because pain and suffering are the only steps offered to us
that we may climb to reach the pinnacle of spiritual growth
and Bliss
and Happiness
and Freedom

Sat Nam

I don’t decide what happens in my life.
I let my life happen to itself.

Live your life like a feather. Be light. Be free. Free to fly wherever the winds of life take you. Free to live an adventure. Free to live in tune with the cosmic vibrations of love and harmony.
Let the feather be your truth.

You never step into the same river twice. The only thing that is constant in this life is change. Do not fight change. Accept it.
Embrace it.
Those who fear change, fear their own failings. The good take on life chins up and fearless, bright, shining eyes.

Of course, you cannot kick a block of wood.
Kicking an inanimate object shows that you have the spite inside of your heart to be agitated, violent or spiteful. This is not good. The entire universe is energy. Everything in this world, including human beings are made up of billions of cells. Even the block of wood. It has a life of its own.
The wise respect and care for everything around them. They are gentle and kind.
They see life in everything.

Every human being has three graphs in their lives.
1. Health Graph
2. Wealth Graph
3. Happiness Graph
It is impossible that any single human being is blessed with these three graphs on an upward slant all their lives.
No one can have a happy childhood, a happy youth and a happy old age.
No one can be born rich and get richer for the rest of their lives.
No one can be healthy when they were little and keep getting healthier till their death.
A lot of suffering, sorrow and pain can be eliminated from our lives if we accept this universal truth. If we develop the capability to look at a calamity in the face and recognize it as a temporary blip in the graph and know it to be a passing phase, we generate the will power and strength to ride over the biggest of challenges and emerge victorious.

The fool chooses success and material gain as a goal,
The intelligent one chooses happiness,
The sensible one chooses self realisation and inner peace.
The wise one seeks Nirvana, Samadhi and Unison with the Divine.
And yet the wisest one of all chooses to choose nothing.
He knows that he just has to be,
In the silence and the quiet, he will know,
Know what he has to do, What needs to be done,
For he is connected with his karmic vibration,
That leads him on to the path that he must take.
Shows him what he must see,
Teaches him what he must learn,
To be what he must become,
and reach where he must go.
The wisest of all don't choose a path,
They follow the path that is in front of them,
They only follow their intuition.
The universe does the rest.

“There are three types of temples in this world. The first temple is your body, the second is your home and the third temple is the one where you go to pray and make your connection with God and Divinity. Respect, take care of and cherish each one of these three temples. They hold the keys to your health, happiness and prosperity.”

Everything in life is energy. We are constantly absorbing energies that flow around us and we are constantly emanating energies from our own self that flow into the universe and generate vibrations. Now we have a choice. We can choose to absorb only those energies that are positive, loving and beautiful and we can choose to send out vibrations that are full of positivity, love and divinity. Remember, whatever the vibrations you give out in the universe eventually find their way back at you.